Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Black Avengers Past and Present

Boukman Dutty & Jean-Jacques Dessalines

“Great God who created the Earth and the sun that gives us light. God who holds up the ocean; who makes the thunder roar. Our God hears us. Though hidden in the clouds; you watch over us. You see all that the whites have made us suffer. The white man’s god commands crimes and wickedness. But our God commands us to good works. Our God, who is so good and just orders us to vengeance. He will direct our arms and bring us to victory. He will assist us. Throw away the image of the white men’s god who has so often brought us to tears and listen to the voice for liberty that sings in all our hearts.”

This is the famous Boukman’s Prayerthat formally launched the Haitian Revolution. The Haitian revolution is the most successful slave rebellion in the history of the world. Never before had any group of kidnapped and enslaved captives successfully overthrown their oppressors and declared themselves a free and independent nation. Haiti is the very first example of this in the history of the world. And not only was it the most successful slave rebellion in the documented history of the world, but it was one of the bloodiest as well. In fact, under the leadership of Jean-Jaques Dessalines, our Haitian Brothers and Sisters sliced through the lives of the white slavetraders in Haiti to the tune of 40,000 of napolean’s troops. The Haitian War against the french singlehandedly prevented napoleon bonaparte from becoming the ruler of the world. Dessaline’s cry against the french became “Atrocity for Atrocity” and “Never Again.” These were the battlecries that our Haitian ancestors killed the french enslaversand declared themselves free with. These are the battlecries we need to consider going forward in our righteous war against the white Race.

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