Monday, January 6, 2014

VIDEO: Media Lies Led to Occupation Not Only in Iraq But in Haiti

Not just "gang leaders" in Haiti fought for Aristide to finish his five-year term. The demonstrators are lifting up their hands to indicate, five years, five years, five years - senk an, senk an, senk an. No Bush regime change in Haiti! Most of the Haitian mothers you see in this video, who were lucky enough to have survived the 2004-2006 Lavalas witch-hunt and US/UN guns from the 2004 Bush regime change in Haiti, are suffering unbearable, some from grief, humiliation, Clorox hunger, or worst, some on top of all this, from traumatic rape and sexual abuse by the "peacekeepers," US/NGO/IFI "saviors," and their Haitian mercenary arms, or as a direct result of the opportunistic anarchy that landed in Haiti after this video was taken. Most, have lost all their families, are without their sons, daughters, uncles and partners. They are chanting here for schools - lekol - to open in 2004. The schools, for many are still close in 2008, replaced by military barracks. These are the people who took to the streets to stop the ouster of Haiti's constitutional government but whom the mainstream press, summarily labeled as "gangsters," "chimeres" a "mob". Giving the impression Aristide had no support in Haiti, or that only criminals supported his government.

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