Sunday, January 5, 2014

'Whoever messes with Haiti messes with the people of Venezuela' says Venezuelan President Maduro

Finally President, Venezuela's mediation in the conflict between Dominican Republic and Haiti. What can you tell us?

Fortunately we had been working for more than a month ago with the Government of Dominican Republic and Haiti to be channeled in the best way that conflict. We are brothers stalwarts of the Haitian people, and to mess with the people of Haiti got to the Venezuelan people. They are our older brothers, they are our fellow believers, and fortunately Dominican Republic has shown wisdom and established a schedule from now. We will appoint a special envoy and am we assess who is eligible to go to truly help, and that these conditions are exceeded and be guaranteed the Haitian people their fundamental human rights, and overcoming these differences between Haiti and Dominican Republic to ensure that have to be two brotherly peoples. We have to overcome the obstacle that was us history of the old colonialism and sometimes out there, like the oligarchy, right, tries to plant permanently theme of hatred against the people of Guyana, hatred against the Colombian people, hatred against Latin America, the antibolivariano hatred. You mean, they do not form part of the army of joy? Some are part of small groups that cultivate hatred and bitterness as a way of life.

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