Sunday, January 5, 2014

Haiti: Standing for Life not Death

How this Ezili came to be here, 10 years later, making a way out of no way

How did this Ezili, already thrown out of Haiti once by a powerful US ambassador, take responsibility again and again, despite the hard pushbacks, to act on the call of the Ancestors and stand for life?

Ten years ago on December 31, 2003...

    “this author was in Haiti to honor the bicentennial of Haiti’s independence. It was very late. I’d already gone up to my room for the night. But my good friend Jafrikayiti (Jean St-Vil) had come to the Montana Hotel in Petionville to meet up. He called from the front desk. I took the elevator down and found a heated conversation in progress with US career diplomat and current member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Luigi R. Einaudi, who was then the Assistant Secretary General at the Organization of American States. Journalist Kevin Pina was arguing with him. What Einaudi said as he exited towards the elevator up to his room was so astonishing, I took out pen and paper and wrote it down.

    On the eve of Haiti’s 200-year independence, the OAS’s Luigi Einaudi said, “the international community is so screwed up they’re letting Haitians run Haiti.“ -- Ezili Dantò of HLLN, US to Rewrite Haiti Constitution to Better Serve the One Percent

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