Sunday, January 5, 2014

Haiti 1802: The Frigate Traitors

Go to restore slavery in Saint-Domingue, Napoleon had planned a boat carrying employees 'colored' parte of the island of Aix , where the height of the harbor served quartering troops "black".

This is the 44-gun frigate La Vertu (formerly The Roundel), which was designated for the transport.

It is on Virtue qu'embarquèrent Chanlatte in November 1801, Petion , Rigaud and Villatte. It is quite likely that the General Dumas - looking for a job - was asked by Berthier to accompany them, but he refused.

Captain Virtue , François Montalan had received secret orders of Bonaparte.

It was lagging behind the rest of the convoy and act upon the reception would be reserved for the expedition.

If Toussaint resisted - which was the case - black troops were to be landed to be instituted against the "brigands".

If Toussaint submitted, Virtue was ordered to turn around without dock and set sail for Madagascar.

In this case, the black troops and officers were landed in French counter Fort Dauphin (now Fort-la-Loi) a slave - Bory de Saint-Vincent then tried to reactivate. There, they would probably have been sold as slaves in the colonies Mascarene.

The frigate Virtue then served to deport to France Caribbeans who were not killed on the spot.

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