Monday, December 16, 2013

VIDEO: Ekzotik - Viv Noel (Official Video)

Ekzotik, a Haitian kompa band, music video for single titled 'Viv Noel'.


  1. From Delight To Martyr

    Oh! Haiti, my beautiful
    island of evergreens.Beautiful
    beaches,indigo oceans, and amicable

    You were once like an orchid where
    nature metamorphosed into butterfly
    and linger upon your buds.

    yes, you were a geographical delight
    The location for the sweetest mangoes,
    sugar canes, bananas, and much more.

    Forget not the head spinning sight of
    the Citadel and the palais Sans Souci
    Haiti, how did you transform from a delight
    to a martyr with deep sorrows?

    You now in a masquerade with hidden beauties
    You're walking on desert sand with a scarcity
    of water, people raid on coconut water, and
    pancakes of dust become everyday meals.

    Tears in my eyes, I say this is the lowest time
    for my country; but the dawn will come smiling
    once more, and Haiti will rise, yes, Haiti will
    rise again!

    By: Margareth Debrosse


  2. Racism

    There's only one
    planet earth which
    hanged loosely in space.

    There are differences in
    all things, like size, length,
    color, height, and etc; that's
    what beautify the world.

    Oh! We belong to one race, the
    human race. Like pied daisies,
    human beings also vary in skin shades.

    It's a matter of pigmentation. A little
    more or less of a protein called melanin
    Like in the USA we are "One Nation Under
    God", the same we are "one people under the
    azure sky".

    It takes reasoning to help us find our similarities
    It's not a coincidence that human blood is red once
    oxygenated; why some people hate each other because
    of skin color which is not selectively chosen but is
    bestowed by God?

    These differences keep the world interesting and beautiful
    So, let us love one another and void ourselves of racism.

    By: Margareth Debrosse