Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Reggie Fils-Aime tells The New York Times “Our Business Is Doing Just Fine, Thank You Very Much”

The New York Times has run an informative piece titled Empty Shelves Signal Revival in Game Consoles. The article highlights the fact that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are currently flourishing despite naysayers previously stating that the home console industry was dying due to the influx of tablets and smartphones. But the article also points out that the Wii U is seriously under performing compared to both next gen consoles. The publication interviewed Reggie Fils-Aime who simply told The New York Times that “Our business is doing just fine, thank you very much, despite the competitive launches.”

“It has been really amazing how disappointing it has been,” David Cole, an analyst at DFC Intelligence.

“They clearly need to take a real hard look at themselves and what they did,”

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