Friday, December 6, 2013

Racism in childhood: the scars of exclusion

During the quadrilha, the grandmother of the classmate that was partnered with the girl showed indignation that the grandson would dance with a black student. A day later, she returned to the school to get satisfaction. According to the account of the incident filed by the family of the victim, the 54 year old woman came in shouting, asking why her grandson was made to dance with that ‘ugly, horrid black girl.’

The teacher, Denise Aragão remembers that she tried, in vain, to restrain the aggressor who continued to shout racist insults. The people in the neighboring room came to see what was happening and the little girl stayed in the corner, hearing everything. She was the only black girl in a class of 14 white children. ‘This disturbed me so much, it was a whipping. There was a lot of malice in those words,’ recounted the educator.

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