Monday, December 16, 2013

Adonis Stevenson to be appointed Haiti Goodwill Ambassador

(Port-au-Prince) Just landed in South Africa, the president of Haiti received yesterday in Port-au-Prince the original Haitian Quebecers Adonis Stevenson on the site of the former National Palace, destroyed by the devastating earthquake of 12 January 2010. Boasting one of the victorious belts world champion heavyweight boxing, he reiterated the pride he felt after his victories.

"In addition to our champion [Adonis] Dany Laferrière was appointed [Thursday] to the French Academy, he said. We have the capacity to stars. This is us first take ourselves seriously and continue in this direction. "

Haitian President took the opportunity to announce that the star of boxing will be appointed Goodwill Ambassador during his next visit to the country. This honorary title already conferred to people like Sean Penn and Wyclef Jean, accompanied by a diplomatic passport. Stevenson also receive the decoration of the National Order Honor and Merit.

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