Friday, November 8, 2013

Video: South of Haiti

Producers: Dave Ali Fils-Aimé | Dali Reel, Alex Horner | Horner Pictures, Francisco Momplaisir | J'aime les Cayes
Cinematography/Editor/Writer: Alex Horner
Field sound recordist: Nick Mihalevich | Cape Status
Creole translation and adaptation: Marleen Julien
Voiceover engineer: Freddie Feldman | Vocomotion
Music composition: Rhian Sheehan - "A Thimble Full of Sorrow"
Post-sound mix: Steve Horner
Special thanks: Molly Augustin, Marleen Julien, James Murphy, Kevin Pierre, Thierry Rivette, Rhian Sheehan.

Please check out the wonderful Rhian Sheehans music.

In October 2012, Nick, Dave, Francisco and I, set off on a 10 day journey along the Southern coast of Haiti in the back of a pickup. Our goal? To capture a side of Haiti that is rarely seen. Having been to Port Au Prince multiple times, it was refreshing to see Haiti in a new light. It's important to recognize that the images typically shown of Haiti, or any 3rd world country, do not necessarily represent the country as a whole. It has nothing to do with putting blinders on to problems and needs, but all to do with expanding your perception of a country.
We hope that these images can help motivate someone to get out and go somewhere that may seem scary or intimidating. When you get into it, it's not all bad.

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