Thursday, November 28, 2013

NFL WR David Nelson to launch 'House the Vision' non-profit in Haiti

“It’s really humbling when you can sit there and say that a 4-year-old kid without a mother or father has changed an NFL player’s life. I’m living testament to that.” — WR David Nelson
Like many NFL players, David Nelson has plenty to be thankful for today. He’s happy, healthy, and living the dream making good money while playing a game that he loves for a team that’s fighting for a playoff spot.

Sure, those things are great and all, but for David, the meaning of Thanksgiving changed just a few years ago, and it started with a last-minute mission to Haiti.
“At first I was just struck by the beauty of the landscape,” he said of his 2011 Memorial Day weekend voyage with the charity Coreluv, “but then we drove through the beach and mountains into the orphanage and I felt an immediate connection around those kids.”

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