Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Interview: Saul Williams talks 'Tey (Today)' on INDIEwire

BelleMoon Productions will premiere Senegalese director Alain Gomis' 3rd feature film, Tey (Today in English), at the My Image Studios (MIST) Theater in Harlem (NYC), this Sunday, October 6, 2013 - a Creatively Speaking presentation.

After a week-long run in New York, the film will show in select cities across North America, including Atlanta, Nashville, Austin, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Houston, Oakland, San Francisco, and Vancouver.

The fantastical narrative, which stars Saul Williams and Aissa Maiga, follows a man named Satche (played by Williams) during the last 24 hours of his life.

Saul Williams, who most will likely recall from his work on the 1998 film Slam (as both writer and star), last appeared as himself in a series of documentaries - most recently Nelson George's paean to the city he loves, Brooklyn Boheme.

On Aujourd'hui, Williams adds, "The film is not set in Dakar, we never say where it is taking place... [Satche is a] man of great intelligence, with little ambition who is not interested in the American dream and returns to his country after 15 years in the United States, to the unpleasant surprise of his family."

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