Monday, October 21, 2013

Download: ADH - Alpha

Check out ADH, a Haitian hip-hop artist, mixtape titled 'Alpha'.

Track Listing

1.ADH vs Alpha
2.Can't Find
4.Taking Off(Feat SK Sounds)
5.Put That On Everything
6.Just A Little(Feat. Nilaja)
7.Do Me Wrong(Feat.Vaughn J)
8.Price Of Fame(Feat. Mike Bass)
9.Encourage You
10.Love It(Feat. Victor Emerson)
11.Harder(Feat Ekundayo)
12.Limitless(Feat. Vaughn J)
14.Song For You
15.Till I'm Gone(Feat. David Rush)
16.Bonus_Bionic Man
17.Bonus_What People Say

Link: Free Download Here!

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