Thursday, August 22, 2013

Video: Humanity & Sports: Miami Heat, Game 6 - Wilkine Brutus

Wilkine Brutus, a Haitian poet and writer, talks 'Humanity & Sports: Miami Heat, Game 6'.

"Miami Heat: Sports & Humanity" discusses the human connection with sports. This quick video centers around the 2013 NBA Finals between Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs, specifically the epic game 6.

"Sports is the ultimate human connection; it's essentially a life metaphor."
Take yourself out of competition for a minute. Watch how humans react when games are at stake: oh how loyalty is such a glass concept, especially when some fans leave before the games end, how players illustrate passion & determination, how coaches are just parents with a game plan, how time dictates our every move, how the love and hate for players is like the inconsistent feelings we have for each other, contradictions, faith, challenges...Sure, life is like a sport, but everyday is game 7."

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