Thursday, August 22, 2013

Video: Sexism Benefit Women, Too? (Benevolent Sexism) - Wilkine Brutus

Wilkine Brutus, a Haitian poet and writer, ask the question 'Sexism Benefit Women, Too? (Benevolent Sexism)'.

Last month, Noah Berlatsky wrote a piece for The Atlantic called, "When Men Experience Sexism." He wrote in his subtitle, "There are some practices and policies that are unfair to men. But this fact should unite men with feminists, not drive them apart." All in all, his piece was about cases in which men actually suffered from gender discrimination.

Well, that sums up what the video is all about. In this video, I shared single story about a nightclub experience with a woman, and called for a more balance approach to the gender debate. I also mentioned that term, "Benevolent Sexism."

Toward the end, two questions to answer were assigned for female viewers.

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