Monday, August 19, 2013

VIDEO: Beautiful Mom // a Tribute to the Life of Patricia Anne-Marie Berne (directed by Rachelle Salnave)

Remembering Patricia Anne Marie Berne

Born in Haiti on April 25th, 1950, Patricia Anne-Marie Berne had a colorful life. Raised mainly in France from the tender age of 9 years old, Patricia was highly influenced by the French way of life. Good food, fine wines and a pure affection for the beautiful nature of France landscapes she quickly learned how to appreciate what the good life was all about. During her teenage years she moved to the United States where she spent the rest of her life dedicating her time as a Special Education Intervention Advisor in the New York City Board of Education System. She was very well respected for her interventions in favor of children at risk of erroneous placements. She was a champion to many families of the New York West Side.

Patricia’s 20-year commitment to education was well interconnected with following her passion of cooking, decorating, designing and entertaining. She loved to charm her guests with fun tasty cuisines and connect stories behind each dish. Her love for children illuminated all around her as she took on a volunteering position at the Riverside Church near Columbia University as a Sunday school teacher. For many years, she touched the lives of the faithful families she coached, by using her creative techniques to demonstrate how amazingly real God is . . . and she did this in a child like manner.

Three years ago, Patricia was diagnosed with Liver/Colon cancer. Already at stage 4, she had strived to fight the disease every step of the way attempting medical and natural measures. On Wednesday, September 12, 2012 at 8:50 am, Patricia passed away at the Hospice by the Sea, in Hollywood FL. She leaves behind her son, David Salnave, daughter- in- law, Violy Salnave, daughter, Rachelle Salnave and 4 grandchildren; Nadine Gardner, Kiara Gardner, Chelsea Salnave, and Caitlen Salnave.

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