Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ciné Institute in Haiti seeks full time teachers

Cine Institute, Haiti’s only professional film school, provides Haitian youth with university-level film education and experience, technical training and media-related micro-enterprise opportunities. The Institute trains aspiring local filmmakers in all aspects of production and produces films of all kinds in partnership with our students and graduates. Our objective is to provide Haiti’s talented youth with the knowledge and tools necessary to give birth to a local audiovisual industry.

We seek four (4) full-time teachers to join our faculty:

POSITION ONE (FULL SCHOOL YEAR OCT 2013-JUN 2014): CINEMATOGRAPHY. Visuals and Aesthetics Teacher
Responsible for teaching all visual and technical aspects of film production. This includes: photography, cinematography, audiovisual language, production design and aesthetics of image.

POSITION TWO (FIRST TRIMESTER OCT-DEC 2013): PRODUCTION. Production Teacher Responsible for teaching Film Production, budgeting, accounting, AV genres, project development.

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