Friday, May 10, 2013

Sal Masekela takes NBC to the extreme with ‘Red Bull Signature Series’

Sal Masekela is pretty much the Howard Cosell of extreme sports.

The 41-year-old son of South African jazz musician Hugh Masekela segued from being an NBA sideline reporter for ESPN to covering its annual X Games and Winter X Games, which features elite competitors in various action sports.

NBC wanted in on the “action” and got the genre’s most prominent voice to host its own weekend program, “The Red Bull Signature Series,” which spotlights the most progressive and innovative snowboarding, mountain biking, freestyle motocross, ice cross downhill, skiing and BMX competitions.

“They’re just the type of events that they have a big following and big subcultures, and they require amazing athleticism and durability and things that you have as an athlete in other sports, but people don’t get a chance to see and know about it,” Masekela told us during interviews for the show Monday in Pasadena. “I think people can become fans by seeing them on this kind of platform on NBC.”

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