Saturday, April 20, 2013

Video: Boston Marathon 'Twitter, Love & War' - Wilkine Brutus

Wilkine Brutus, a Haitian poet and writer, highlights the despicable knee jerk reactions by immature Americans after the horrible Boston Marathon bomb attack.

This video is also a PSA for a more careful and non-divisive dialogue involving important current affairs, especially those concerning national security.

It's not about Left or Right wing taking and receiving political shots at each other... or trying to find the next ethnic group to place all the blame while dismissing homegrown issues of domestic terrorism and other homegrown social's about human coordination--helping each other find civilized ways to solve our differences while acknowledging those social and political differences that shape us.

We need empathy to be reciprocal. We are in pain again. We must also acknowledge other pains, other bombs blasting elsewhere, other disasters reshaping what it means to be human. It's your responsibility. It's our responsibility.

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