Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jozy Altidore Predicts USA Will Defeat England in World Cup

Jozy Altidore (left), David Beckham (middle) and Bejan, Flex-Power CEO (right) attend Lakers vs Jazz playoff game.

Yahoo! Sports has reported that young Haitian-American USA striker Jozy Altidore could not resist the opportunity to speak to England star David Beckham at a recent Los Angeles Lakers basketball game. Though the injured midfielder has been ruled out of the World Cup, the American had a message for him nonetheless.

“I saw Becks there and I had to go over and tell him what is going to happen in South Africa,” Altidore said, according to Yahoo! Sports. “I made sure he knows how it’s going to be without him playing – USA 3, England 0."

Though Altidore was apparently jesting with the England icon, the USA has defeated England before at a World Cup, back in 1950 when the 1-0 result was considered the biggest upset in the history of the game.

As in that tournament, the USA and England are scheduled to meet in the group stages of the World Cup in South Africa. The teams will open group play against each other.

Before Altidore left Major League Soccer to play in Europe, he and Beckham were part of a memorable duel between the LA Galaxy and New York Red Bulls in 2007 in front of over 60,000 at Giants Stadium. Though Beckham produced three assists, Altidore scored twice and the Red Bulls triumphed with a late goal by Juan Pablo Angel, 5-4.

It appears that ribbing Beckham about the England and USA cost Altidore a chance to meet basketball star Kobe Bryant of the Lakers.

“I was having fun with Becks and talking a bit of trash, and I forgot I was supposed to go to the locker room and meet Kobe,” Altidore reportedly said.


Source: Goal

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