Thursday, April 8, 2010

VIDEO:ZIN - Ou Jwen'n Bout Mwen

[flv: 480 360]
ZIN - Ou Jwen'n Bout Mwen

The idea to create a very high caliber Konpa music band came from Alex Abellard. In 1985, while attending The City College of New York, he met Eddy Saint-Vil, another passionate musician who was also dreaming of creating a Konpa band that could reach the top of the Konpa music world. ZIN, currently dubbed "The Hit Music Factory", is one of the most popular Haitian Konpa music bands. The group's first public appearance in the beginning of 1988 at The City College of New York was a huge success and people knew then that ZIN was destined to be among the greatest in the world of Konpa music. Live on stage, ZIN electrifies the crowd with ten musicians. The sweet and beautiful voice of Alan Cave, the spicy tone of Alex Abellard, and Daphne Dary dancing and singing in sync with Virginia Mahotiere, keep the crowd on its feet all night long.


Source: TropikProd

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