Thursday, April 22, 2010

AUDIO:Talented Haitians United Representers (T.H.U.R) - Pile Pilon

MUSIC:Talented Haitians United Representers (T.H.U.R) - Pile Pilon (Produced by Fresh Man)
[audio:|titles= Pile Pilon|artists=Talented Haitians United Representers (T.H.U.R)]
Haiti has a carnival every year but because of the circumstances over there it didn't happen this year. We had a carnival we were supposed to bring down there, it didn't happen but we're bringing it to you.

Talented Haitians United Representers (T.H.U.R) Biography
We are a team of talented Haitians. We have Musicians, Authors, Athletes, Actors. Our goal is to help each other get to the top. We are united as one, if one is ahead ,we will push him until he or she reaches his goal. We’re focused on what we want to accomplish. The team has a roster that includes: J.C Jean Aka J.Creole (Music artist, actor, composer, athlete), Fenol E. Charles ( Author, Poet, athlete), Loco(Author, Music artist, athlete), The Miracle (Musician, athlete).

We all love what we do and we do it to the best of our abilities. We do our own shows cause in this world people don't give you anything; if you want it, you got to go and get it. We organize parties, trips, and perform in other shows that we don’t put together ourselves. At the end of the day, the best way to describe us one word: T.H.U.R (Talented Haitianz United Representers). WE’RE T.H.U.R’s AND We believe every day is T.H.U.R’s DAY!!


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