Wednesday, March 10, 2010

VIDEO: Dionne Reid Ft Fuse ODG and Suli Breaks - Haiti Percent (Official Video)


Dionne Reid, a UK female indie artist, music video for single titled 'Haiti Percent' featuring Julie, Mikel Ameen, Sloozie, Fuse ODG, Suli Breaks and Caspian.



I was looking at my country go through so much trauma
I was there to clear away concrete and pull my friends from the rubble
I carried bodies of my people in the cemetery


Dionne Reid, Julie

Open your eyes don't you know this is not a dream
No fairy tales a living hell
Mothers awake and she's shaking up her green
But to you its just another day
Don't turn away because you need to understand
That WE can
Heal the land, heal the land, heal the land

1st Verse

Mikel Ameen

We're blessed to be living, its hell that they're living in
Look at the imprisonment of Haitians
Shocked nations like look at how big this quake is
Its bedlam, the city has turned to bedrock buried in rocks
Flint stones, limbs bones under the rubble look at the trouble
I tried to ignore the news
Didn't even read reviews
I didn't wanna connect in fear of how much I could do
Listen my brothers & sisters
Please hear me friends or foes
We're worried for money and clothes
They're trying to find mummies and homes.


Stuck in the dirt and there's no way out
Don't know weather to stay calm or shout
Clothes torn and I'm laying on the ground with dirt surrounding my mouth
I want water PLEASE
I sorta NEED
Getting cold cant feel my knees
Close my eyes try to regain all my energy
Praying hard if there's an angel then send him to me
Ive never been laying in the same place for so long
Picturing my mamas face has got me feeling so strong


2nd Verse

Fuse ODG

Go on take my eyes and watch my brother pass away
Now can you look for my sister coz shes far away
Now take my ear and heart and hear it stop for a second
Then get revived back to life and find you lost your brethren
Now give me back my eyes don't worry I will wipe the tears
I see that I survived but now I'm living life in fear
Before my heart stops, I'm wishing that I really CAN
Trade hands with God and hope that I can heal this land

Suli Breaks

I had an argument with Mother Nature yesterday
I said, dear mum, why did you make the earth shake
She said, my children you don't get to decide your own fate
All you can do is come together in these times of heartache
So now dirt's covering my hands as I'm searching through the rubble
Opening my eyes to see the body of a dead couple
And even though their body was lifeless
The look in the eyes said Suli Breaks please write for us



Rubble's piling all is gone, tears have dropped how do we go on?
Time to Make A Change



Its not the end its just the beginning
So lets work together to create a new living
Its not the end it just the beginning
So stand up and wake up to a new living

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