Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rains Scare Haitians and International Organizations

By Glenda Pardo / redaccion@ahora.cu

Haitians know that rains can begin any day and are worried about it consequences.The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) is also worries about the damages than rains could cause and diseases it could bring.

The earthquake that shook many Haitians cities caused 300,000 deaths, the same figure of those wounded and almost two million homeless people. So far, the international aid has not guaranteed a place for each Haitian to shelter and much less hygienic-health conditions to prevent diseases' spread.

Last Sunday, it rained all night and the rain flooded most of the improvised camps in Port-au-Prince, most of people have to be awake because their tents were also flooded.

It was a only an alert sign for the Haitian capital and it nearby cities Jakmel and Léogane, where the quake left almost 500,000 children out in the open, according to estimates.

An UNICEF release, published on Monday, recalled that Haitian people have suffered some devastating earthquakes over the years and admitted that there are reasons to be worried again.

Nevertheless, it said that to UNICEF it will be a great challenge to help Haitian people in the rain season and to prepare them for tropical storms.

About 700,000 people are living in improvised tents in Port-au-Prince and it surrounding areas, although many people left the capital looking for safer places.

The UNICEF's Director of the Office of Emergency Louis-Georges Arsenault tried to calm Haitians, as he released that it will begin an important reconstruction program in the country in 2010.

Nowadays, rains are the main danger to Haiti, where large figures of children die of diarrhea and other diseased every year.

Source: Ahora

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