Sunday, February 7, 2010

Losers' T-Shirts From Super Bowl XLIV to be Donated in Haiti

FORT LAUDERDALE -- The Super Bowl-winning apparel of whoever loses Sunday night's NFL championship contest will be donated to earthquake victims in Haiti.

The NFL and its partners annually produce two sets of championships gear (such as hats and t-shirts) for each eventuality in the Super Bowl. This year, the humanitarian organization World Vision will send the loser's apparel to earthquake-ravaged Haiti.

"For years, World Vision has helped us to ensure that no NFL apparel goes to waste," said David Krichavsky, the NFL director of community relations. "With the enormous needs in Haiti and World Vision's long-term presence there, we know that these goods will go to very good use."

Last year, Cardinals gear was donated in El Salvador. In 2008, the Patriots' apparel from Super Bowl XLII, with "19-0" emblazoned to mark their would-be perfect season, was donated in Nicaragua.

World Vision, which also distributes seized counterfeit NFL merchandise, estimated that donations of Super Bowl losers' gear is worth about $2 million annually. --- Sean Leahy

Source: USA Today

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