Friday, January 15, 2010 Adds The Haitian Flag To Their Logo! you go to you will notice that the Haitian flag has been added to their logo and they are urging their visitors to help Haiti now. changed their home page logo in a campaign to help raise money and awareness to the Haiti earthquake and relief efforts. is the Number 3 most visited website in the world!

What a gesture!

What a sign!

They have added the Haitian flag in front of the Yahoo logo, and the caption "Help Haiti Now"

The amazing aspect of this gesture from is that when you click on their logo in the Yahoo home page it actually takes you to the website a web site that includes quick links to the most popular organizations who are accepting donations for the Haiti earthquake and relief efforts.

Organizations such as the American Red Cross, doctors without borders, partners in health, UNICEF, world vision international etc.

I don't believe that my saying thank you to a major corporation such as Yahoo means much but...

On behalf of my people now suffering in Haiti I say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, and thank you to everyone around the world who are showing support to Haiti right now

We do need your help!

Source: HaitianInternet

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