Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti VOILA Cell Phone Service Restored At 75%

If you are trying to reach families in Haiti, I have some good news. Right now VOILA's Cell phone service has been restored at 75% capacity.

This news comes directly from Haitian Ambassador to the United States, Mr. Raymond Joseph.

Calls to Voila Customers are reaching home.

I know how thirsty you are to hear from family at home.

So start calling your family...

Go to to add minutes, LOTS of minutes, to your family's cell phone in Haiti!

If you cannot get through keep trying, don't me discouraged, keep trying,

keep in mind that there is no electrify in Port-Au-Prince Haiti and their cell phone may not be charged, please, but keep trying

I hope you have good news, I really hope you have good news

Here is a note from Voila's Official site:

"Because of heavy system load subscribers may not receive an SMS confirming balance topup - to check balance subscriber should enter *123# send"

We pray that you are able to reach your Family In the 509.

Source: VOILA and HaitianInternet

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