Friday, January 22, 2010

TECH:HTC Releases Capacitive Stylus for HTC HD2

No, it most certainly isn’t a tool used in the Ancient Egyptian days to extract brain matter through the nose, no sir. It’s HTC’s official capacitive stylus for the HTC HD2 smartphone, and we’re sure this thing probably won’t be a hit. The super-scary-looking stylus has made itself available at one British retailer for $27.50, or 17 British pounds after a delay. Expensive, you say? Take into consideration that this isn’t simply a plastic stick. The stylus must conduct heat in order for the display to register touch input.

Potential uses? Maybe you’re just tired of using your finger. Maybe you’ve got missing fingers. Maybe you just have gloves on. Really, does it bother you that much that a stylus is available for a touch-sensitive phone?

Troll away, friends… troll away.

Source: Erictric

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