Friday, October 10, 2008

POEM: Haiti, My Heart Bleeds

By Carmel S. Victor

Two hundred years of your Independence,
Yet I still wonder if this is your sentence.
Many believe that your strength is immense,
But I've yet to see them come to your defense.

You've been facing struggles since you began.
So, giving up on should never be a plan.
Instead, the world should lend a helping hand.
Maybe then you would become a prosperous land.

From many miles away I can feel the distress,
Of a country where freedom is being suppressed.
Since of your demise, I am not yet convinced.
When I pray at night I pray that you be blessed.

Though you are said to be one of the poorest.
Those who have seen you have seen a treasure chest.
I know that right now you are put to the test,
But the day will come when you will finally rest.

International Library of Poetry.

Copyright ©2004 Carmel S. Victor.
All rights reserved.

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