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INTERVIEW:Daniel "Haitian Sensation" Edouard

INTERVIEW:Daniel "Haitian Sensation" Edouard

The Haitian Sensation, born Daniel Edouard, 23 November 1980, Jersey City, New Jersey. Daniel possesses a pugilistic mindset that is best equated to a throwback boxer of the early 20th century. Though not yet a 20 bout fighter, through the tutelage of former trainer Pete Brodsky. Daniel has taken on some of the nation’s top veteran and prospective middleweights. Many of whom he has toppled with devastating body shots and clean over the top straight right hands. He has proven inside the ring that he has the ability and necessary tools to take over the middleweight division.

•Current WBA Caribbean Jr. Middle-Weight Champion
•Former U.S.B.A. Middleweight Championship, won in 2004
•FormerWBA Fedcentro Middleweight Champion, won in 2003 and still current
•Several National bouts on Showtime, ESPN2, and HBO

Note: Pwa - English Translation "Bean"

Pwa: Hear you’ve been training really hard for this match, how does the body feel?

Haitian Sensation: Body feels great, I’ve been training for 3 months preparing and it’s time to fight.

Pwa: How did you get into boxing? Who/What do you credit for you getting to this point in your professional career?

Haitian Sensation: I got into boxing when I was 15 years old, I had always been interested in boxing but I didn’t know the means of starting. I started boxing when I was in a program that was court ordered because I had got into some trouble and one of the counselors, Jackie Manuel, got me into boxing. When I got out the program Rob Decasare took me under his wing and I started competing in 1996.

Pwa: How would you categorize you boxing style and do you believe it can give you the upper hand against Toro?

Haitian Sensation: I’m considered a boxer/puncher I can box and punch hard; I feel I have the upper hand through my boxing abilities.

Pwa: You lost your last match to Eromosele Albert due to stoppage because of swelling in your left eye. If anything what do you think you could take from that fight you could incorporate/correct in this one?

Haitian Sensation: Well that fight was lost for several reasons not just the swelling of the eye. I was diagnosed with stress induced hypertension after the bout my body went numb on me after the 3rd round and of course the swelling. I also fought that fight at a lighter weight 154, I didn’t feel strong so all those factors played an issue and all the factors have been looked at and corrected.

Pwa: What do you feel are the keys to winning this fight?

Haitian Sensation: The keys to winning this fight are Focus! Focus! Focus! I just need to stay focused in the ring because I tend to lose focus in the ring at times and this causes me to make errors and in this business there’s no room for error.

Pwa: You incorporate Haiti in alot of your projects, why?

Haitian Sensation: Haiti is my heritage and home for me now, I spend time in both countries now. Haiti is just home for me and growing up I never had a accent so I was considered American but when I said I was Haitian I was always looked at differently and this made me realize I’m not American or whatever they want to call African-American but it made me realize no matter how proper or American you think you maybe you are Haitian so rep your country.

Pwa: There are alot of Haitian athletes on the professional level in America, why don’t they put their nationally out there like you do? It’s not only a great marketing tool to build a base but it shows Haitian youth that if you put in the time and with a great work ethic that they can do it to?

Haitian Sensation: You are right this is one of the main reasons I promote my heritage. When people know I’m Haitian they are so surprised and they make it seem as if nothing good comes out of Haiti. I promote Haiti alot so people are aware that Haiti is a beautiful country that has issues like any other country. I really don’t know why other Haitian athletes don’t speak up, maybe because they feel nobody cares but it’s sad they don’t realize the impact we would make. That’s why I force all of our Haitian boxers to promote their heritage and nation

Pwa: You have a foundation called the Haitian Sensation Foundation, could tell our audience what it’s about and what projects are you currently working on?

Haitian Sensation: The foundation is about bringing hope and vision to our youth of today thru sports and the arts. Sports such as boxing, track & field, soccer and arts like dance, theater and music. We’re currently in the process of getting our 1st gym in Haiti, we working alongside Bobby Duval and the gym will be up and running before the year’s end. Our main project now is building an Olympic training facility in Haiti for boxing track & field and basketball, Bobby Duval will be focusing on the soccer end.

Pwa: What businesses and/or projects are you currently involved in outside of boxing besides your foundation? How can other people and organizations get involved, are you open to joint business ventures with other Haitian companies?

Haitian Sensation: Well I am working on a TV show right now starring James Salsa who just returned from California winning 4 gold medals in dance competitions and myself. I would love to work with other Haitian companies; the only way for us to move forward is unity, like our flag says.

Pwa: Away from sports, what do you think about the status of affairs in Haiti and what do you think is needed to resolve some of its major issues?

Haitian Sensation: The affairs in Haiti are messed up and I would love to use another word in place for messed up but I think it’s gonna take alot of Haitians that are here to take some pride in where there from and go back and open a bank account stir up the economy and stop forgetting where we came from. The future of Haiti, I feel is not in Haiti right now but in the Haitian youth here [in America] who take so much pride in saying there Haitian yet no nothing about their country. Haitian descendents need to take a trip to research and see how they can be a help to get involved?

Pwa: Is there anything that you would like to say to the public through MyAyiti.Com and MyAyiti.Com On MySpace?

Haitian Sensation: I just would like to say your only one decision away from either greatness or defeat. CHOOSE WISELY! God bless and thank you for the interview.

Thanks Daniel for the interview, for more information on Haitian news, media, sports, etc. go to MyAyiti.Com. If you want to get in contact with Daniel check out his MySpace page at MySpace.Com/OfficialHatianSensation

Source: MyAyiti.Com - MySpace.Com/OfficialHatianSensation

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