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INTERVIEW: Mecca aka Grimo (

Mecca aka Grimo has been publicized as the phenomenon of The Spoken Word / Hip-Hop Creole Movement. He has been serving as a catalyst on the entertainment scene for international artists throughout the world; who vision success in this industry. He regularly visits schools and community centers and inspires young people to achieve in their academics and in life. Mecca aka Grimo tours with the Haitian Heritage Museum in a fulsome presentation called "Ayiti Expose." This presentation is exhibited in schools to educate other nationalities and Haitians alike on how rich the Haitian culture is and its contributions to the world. He earned a degree in Acoustical Engineering and has applied his studies towards projects that surround him including his own work.

Pwa: Who is Mecca aka Grimo and what are his goals for 09?

Mecca aka Grimo: Mecca aka Grimo stands for the cultural upliftment and the education of the
masses. Im for the promotion of the Hip Hop Kreyol movement and would
like to see it penetrate mainstream media. Through the music Im using
it as a platform to promote literacy and historical awareness.
In the '09 I want to be involved in a Big Movie. Playing another principle role that will let the world know of my hidden talents. I also want to do more with the non-profit organization:" FePouLi ~ Children's Hope Chest of Dreams". Helping to send aid wherever needed through tough times. Especially Haiti

Pwa: You signed to Wyclef's label Sake Pase Records, walk us through on how that came about?

Mecca aka Grimo: We've known Wyclef Jean for some time now. I became a fan and a true supporter from day one. I said to myself ,with everything we are doing it would make sense to find a home at SAK PASE RECORDS. My manager "Buggah D. Govanah" worked for the Refugee Team before so the relationship was already there. It wasn't until we really started to make noise that our buzz got back to Wyclef Jean and at that time my vision became reality.

Pwa: Creole Hip-Hop has been around for a while now but never had the appeal that it has today, why?

Mecca aka Grimo: Artist like myself are pushing the envelope as to where this genre of music could be right now. We demand respect in all aspects, music, culture, image, language, fashion, etc….we are determined to pierce through the mainstream market and leave our history for the one that did it before us and the ones that will do it after us.

Pwa: Many say that you're the father of commercial Creole Hip-Hop because of your ability to broaden its musical base, Haitians aren't just listening to Creole Hip-Hop it's now multicultural. What's your secret?

Mecca aka Grimo: My secret is not a secret. I believe I know what it takes to create a buzz without highlighting violence. I'm just diverse with my music. When I started I attacked the remixes because that was strategic for us at the time. I don't depend on the remixes to keep my name out there. It is what it is. Ive got original music that cant be denied because its good music. The fact of the matter is it created the buzz and we followed up with our own music afterwords. Some artist don't know how to Market and Promote themselves. Sak Pase/OnPoint/HEX don't have that problem. We vets with the knowledge of the music business. I Perform in Creole & English. That's whats going to help the movement get greater claim.

Pwa: Where do you see Creole Hip-Hop 10 years from now?

Mecca aka Grimo: If we don't get cheated.. I see it blown up like how Reggaeton went through their peak. It will have a category of its own. It will be respected and you will see the trend of artist and bands start to express themselves or exploit the art form. Hopefully we do something about the bootleggers and the free downloads so we can make some MONEY too…lol

Pwa: Your album "Kreyol Konneksyon" will be coming out soon, what issues will the album be touching on and who did you collaborate with?

Mecca aka Grimo: The album is very heavy, I want the album to catch people by surprise. You'll hear collaborations with Sweet Micky, Wyclef Jean, Brisco, Carimi, Anthony B, Jimmy-O, Black Alex, Haitian Fresh, Desloc, Flo, Light formerly of the Bush Babies, Carib, ReDDStaRR and more…it's a powerful piece of art put together to magnify the movement.

Pwa: You traveled to Haiti to do the movie "Kidnapping" in 05, what is it about and where can people purchase it?

Mecca aka Grimo: After Mario (Herman "Caheej" McGloun) is deported back to his native country, he finds himself  in a desperate situation that is anything but promising. Things begin to look better when he coincidentally meets up with an old friend, Jacques (Mecca aka Grimo) who happens to be a paramount figure in Haiti's flourishing kidnapping industry. "Kidnappings" is a docu-drama that explores the acts people are willing to commit to assure socio-economic stability. Starring Carbonell Award Nominee - Herman "Caheej" McGloun and Spoken Word / Hip Hop talent - Mecca aka Grimo. This Character driven action drama was shot in Haiti (90%) and Miami (10%). It explores the Terrorizing issues plaguing Haiti, and the efforts towards rebuilding the country. You can purchase a copy of the DVD at:

Pwa: There is a misconception out there that Haiti is all violent, that its people are uneducated and can't take care of themselves, How do you feel when you hear statements like that?

Mecca aka Grimo: I know the truth about why they try to make HAITI look and sound like all those adjectives. In 1804 we were so small but yet so strong. They didn't want that. There was a deeper plan in mind to uneducated our people. They saw how we triumphed over the Illustrious French Army. They even promised to make sure we never come out of this misery we are going through. All because we fought for our Independence. Its all ignorance and it makes me upset. This why I push to do what I'm doing so much .

Pwa: There are some key political issues from my sole perspective that are holding back Haiti's progression, we all know about corruption but do you believe the Haitian government is pro-Haitian interest or pro-American interest? Why?

Mecca aka Grimo: WoW !!! You really tryin to put a brother out All I want to say about that is whose troops are in Haiti now and have been for the longest..?? Sources say Aristide was Kidnapped by the American and French government because he was getting too powerful and Independent. They don't want another Castro on their hands. The powers that be have a way of doing things and leaving the rest of us in the dark.

Pwa: What businesses and/or projects are you currently involved in outside of music? How can other people and organizations get involved?

Mecca aka Grimo: There are a couple of  Investments weve made. Some I can speak about. Others are just financial support investments. We have a clothing line called "HEX Apparel" in which we expose some of the most profound images that coincide with Haiti. You can find a vast selection on my official website:  We also have a fully equipped studio (AREA 61), in which we rent studio time to artist, bands and any form of Media that may need quality work at a reasonable price . We use this same studio to create field trips for schools or organizations that are interested in learning a craft/skills in the arts and or media. There is so much going on right now. We stay busy. We just did the Barack Obama campaign anthem for the streets. I also just finished my principle role in the latest movie "DESTINY". The New International album is called KREYOL KONNEKSYON, I have a Crenglish Spoken word/ CD titled Boat People. A DVD of some of my interviews, Live performances & behind the scenes footage never seen. I have also started a non profit 501(c)3 organization called "Fe Pou Li :The Children's Hope Chest of Dreams". This has allowed me to implement workshops in the schools using music and the arts to promote literacy. I also assist Wyclef Jean's Non-profit organization "Yele Hait" in bringing resources to children
in need of school supplies, clothes, food and sports accessories and
programs in the states and in Haiti.

For more information on the non-profit organization and how you can help us assist email or mail the President of our Board.

FePouLi / Childrens Hope Chest of Dreams, Inc. / 501©3
Attn: Mr. Jean H. Marcelin
P.O.Box 695343
Miami, FL 33269

Source: MyAyiti.Com

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