Monday, September 29, 2008

Compas Festival, You’ve Been Served!

Jojo Lorquet of all people must have wanted to give Rodney Noel the finger for a while now but his wasn’t enough. So what did he do? Well, he got together with some others to make sure the finger delivery long enough to stick in Compas Festival’s organizers face. Jojo Lorquet and company have put together a festival in Fort Lauderdale (herein FL) to go head to head with Compas Festival (herein CF) in Miami on the same day in May of next year.

Compas Festival: Djakout Mizik, Kreyola La, Back Up, Mizik Mizik, Harmonik, Brother Possie, Zin, Carimi, Nu Look and Do-La.

Should the Bands be worried?

The line ups are as follow:

Fort Lauderdale Festival (TARGET NOT OFFICIAL) : T-Vice, Zenglen, System Band, Krezi, Strings, Gabel, Tabou Combo, Sweet Mickey, Hangout, and Barikad Crew.

Should Compas Festival be worried?

Maybe! The line up of the FL festival mainly consist of bands that were either banned from Compas Festival, never really got a chance be a part of it or just bands that took part in it but ended up on bad terms with the organizers. For example, Krezi due to their differences with Kreyol La (whom Rodney prefers) have not played in CF for the past 3 years opening them to any new festival. Zenglen stop performing in CF for personal issues with the organizers. Gabel who I doubt was ever even invited as a new band. CF might have to put their differences aside with certain bands and reopen their gates to them to participate. They might want to start with T-Vice since while they’re still up for grabs.

Should Fort Lauderdale Festival be worried?

Hell, yeah! It’s a new festival and very risky (especially considering who’s behind it) to go against the most successful annual Haitian music festival ever. They would have to wake up pretty early in the morning; better yet, they would have to never sleep until that day to even hold a candle to Compas Festival. Last festival that went against another in NY ended up on a sour note.

Yes! If this festival goes wrong and it only happens once, the bands that went against Compas Festival may never play in CF again. But on the other hand, if the festival picks up, then they might a new festival home to participate in around that month.

Opa Mizik spoke with a few promoters in the HMI and musicians who felt this is completely wrong and they’re doing it out of hatred. Some express that this could have easily been done to them and they’re not for it at all.

How does this concerns you the fan, well, it doesn’t just make sure when you’re buying those ticket you know which festival it says on it. I wouldn’t be surprise if one mimics the other.

Source: OpaMizik

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