Sunday, September 21, 2008

Apple Recalls iPhone USB Battery Adapters

Apple is recalling USB power adapters that shipped as part of the iPhone 3G package in the U.S., Japan, Canada, Mexico, and numerous Latin American countries. Apple customers who purchased the phone can exchange the adapter via web order or simply by visiting Apple stores beginning October 10. Apple today indicated a design flaw in its “ultracompact” USB power adapters supplied with the iPhone 3G or as a standalone accessory, which can cause the prongs to break off and remain in the power outlet, creating the risk of electric shock. The company said that it has received reports of “detached” prongs but no injuries.

Apple said that replacement adapters will be available beginning on October 10. Customers who received their adapter as part of the iPhone 3G or through a separate accessory purchase can get their replacement adapters through Apple retail stores or through web order. According to Apple, adapters ordered via Internet wills hip within three weeks of the order, starting on October 10. Replacement USB power adapters are marked with a green dot at the bottom. Apple decided to bypass the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission with this recall and did not provide any information how many products are affected. However, with a confirmed shipment of more than 1 million iPhones 3Gs during the device’s launch weekend of June 9, as well as Q3 (July-September) shipment estimates of 4 to 8 million, units it is safe to assume that Apple will have to replace several million USB power adapters in the 14 countries the unit was sold.

Source: TG Daily - RLSLOG

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