Monday, December 29, 2014

Video: Marie-Christine - Voodoo Trix Project (Electronic Press Kit)

Marie-Christine, a Haitian soul artist, electronic press kit for album titled 'Voodoo Trix Project'.

The Voodoo Trix project is all about the recording, mixing and mastering of my new music: some edgier and funkier stuff for my upcoming EP of 5 songs. It is all original music and I beleive it has the power to enchant you and those around you. The best way I could describe the musical style is neo-funk. I'm basically blending funky rhythms with bluesy, rock and hip-hop flavors. I have a couple partners with whom I have the pleasure of working with. First and foremost, my friend Rémy Malo who is the co-songwriter of most of the new songs and he's also wearing the producer hat on this project. I'm very lucky to have him on board as he is very in demand. His talent combined with his experience make him a key element and the fact that he believes in me and the music makes this an even bigger honor and such a pleasure to work with him!! Last but not least my partner in crime for EVERYTHING ELSE (business decisions, visual + web design, live arrangements, chart writing, technical requirements, and I'm sure I'm forgetting what else he does because he's done so much over the last 9 years....) Sébastien Grenier. I know you do this from the heart with such genuine generosity and love. I'm so grateful that Venus (goddess of love) put you on my path. I would not be where I am without you! Thanks a million and watch us go far baby!!!

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