Monday, November 3, 2014

Buy: Yanatha Desouvre - Savor the Moments: Inspired by True Stories

"In Yanatha Desouvre's Savor the Moments, "Goodman's gift, which is also the author's, is his ability to be uplifting ... his hopefulness is undeniably contagious; his empathy is admirable; his interest in the ordinary is extraordinary." (from the foreword by best-selling author and historian Robert P. Watson, Ph.D.)

We face obstacles each and every day, but the question is--how do we allow these challenges to affect our lives? In this collection of 11 timeless short stories, we meet Grayson Goodman, a traveling businessman, who encounters people dealing with challenging situations in life that are no different than our own.

Discover how they cope with the unexpectedly difficult circumstances they face and how Goodman touches their lives with words that ring with simple, honest clarity. Goodman introduces us to an executive in Miami, Fla., facing difficult economic times and yet striving to keep her company intact; a world-renowned, frustrated artist in Cayenne, French Guiana, whose music is leaked to the public before his album was completed; a young mother of four in Philadelphia, Pa., who lost her husband in the war, and many others. As we share in his conversations, we travel with Goodman on his warm-hearted and inspiring journey to different establishments throughout the world as he searches to find the answers to the difficult questions we all face. Savor the Moments: Inspired by True Stories includes stories about love, loss, compassion, and ultimately, the most powerful force in all of our lives--hope.

Best-selling author and poet Yanatha Desouvre continues to bring us the intensely personal stories with universal life themes that he's provided in Walk Through this Journey: Volume One; Walk Through this Journey Volume Two: The Next Step Forward; A Family Affair and Big Sister, Little Sister. Now, in his most emotionally powerful collection of stories yet, Desouvre takes us around the world with engaging short stories that encourage us all to ... Savor the Moments.

Buy: Yanatha Desouvre - Savor the Moments: Inspired by True Stories

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