Friday, March 7, 2014

Tourism is not development, Haiti liberate yourself!

Responding to the urgent call for help from local Haitians living on the offshore island, Ilavach (Île à Vache), I wrote an article this week to sound the alarm and get the world to pay attention to what's happening to the people at Île à Vache Haiti. The article is titled, US occupiers in Haiti privatizing Île à Vache – Chronicles of a massacre.

The article's Kreyòl companion piece is a Franns Lwi transcription of a RadioVKM interview and Lakou New York re-broadcast of the Haitians telling of their plight, urging for the international authorities, international media, human rights organizations and world citizens everywhere to take action to stop their coming massacre, stop their displacement from their homes and livelihood to make way foreign tourists.

One Haitian, who read the article wrote to me and said:

    "(Ezili Dantò) r u out of ur mind with this senseless article? can't u c the progress n development that is happening in nearby Dominican republic n elsewhere in the Caribbean, the people r not complaining, they r benefiting. u r preaching the impossible that even ur lavalas party "party of doing nothing" did not even care for Haiti. it's time to stop the hatred n show some love for Haiti. let the government do its job, because they are doing the right thing, only the blind can't see. "

In response and in defense of the Haiti protestors making the point that the tourism plans the Martelly-Lamothe government is executing is not development for the local people of Île à Vache, but wholesale thievery. Our talented Alix Saintil, answered:

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