Sunday, December 29, 2013

Video: Haiti quake victims, four years late

Video of the painful reality of current forced eviction of the Haiti earthquake victims

This video showing the forced eviction at Vilaj Mozayik reveals how the terrible trauma of Haiti quake victims continues, 4 years later after more than $9 billion was collected and (mis) managed by Bill Clinton as UN envoy to Haiti and the World Bank. But, as the New York Times said, little footprint of these billions actually got to Haiti other than a Korean assembly plant factory up North, where there was no quake, and where recently the minimum wage was REDUCED for the benefit of the factory owners and consumers abroad. Foreigners got subsidized luxury housing built to live in and luxury hotels for relaxing, but the people at Vilaj Mozayik are evicted, even from their meager earthquake tents, back into the muddy, UN-cholera-ravaged streets.--Ezili Dantò of HLLN

"Our immediate needs are food, shelter, water and hygiene. We are refugees in our country. " -- Haiti quake victims at Vilaj Mozayik, 4 years later


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