Sunday, December 29, 2013

Knockout of the Year: Adonis Stevenson KO 1 Chad Dawson

Every sport has its acts of ownage. The slam dunk, the home run, the ace serve, the bull goring the matador – all very satisfying. Even better is when these moments of unleashing bring victory.

For boxing, that act is of course the knockout, and no amount of scolding fans for their underappreciation of technique will change the fact that seeing a fighter hit the canvas causes involuntary cheers to fill the TV room, arena, or wherever.

When it comes to naming the best, 2013 didn't have anything quite as scary as recent years: Paul Williams' face-plant courtesy of Sergio Martinez; Fernando Montiel on his back, climbing an invisible ladder after a left hook from Nonito Donaire; or Juan Manuel Marquez's punch that left Manny Pacquiao unconscious for so long that trainer Freddie Roach later admitted he'd wondered, "Is he dead?" All were selected by an overwhelming percentage of readers.

altThis past year's KOs, though, had both high drama and significance, and in the end it came down to two main choices.

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