Monday, June 3, 2013

WorldStarHipHop founder 'Q' says he wants to "Teach the Haitian Kids"

WorldStarHipHop, the website best known for cellphone camera street fights and other acts of c00nery, has carved an infamous niche on the Internets. Surprisingly, WSHH founder Lee “Q” O'Denant believes his website's success serves as an inspiration to children. It appears he was serious, too.

In a recent interview with LA Weekly, the 30-something O'Denant shared his early struggles in getting WSHH started, explained how the site generates revenue these days and offered weak explanations regarding the content it houses. However, what turned heads is the father of three saying he believes his rise from high school dropout to his current status could be inspiring to children.

"I come from nothing, and hard work got me here," said Q, who wants to open a community center in Haiti and donate computers. "I want to teach the kids that you don't have to go to Harvard to be a smart guy."
The Queens native, who is of Haitian descent, added that while he blocks two of his children from visiting his website with parental controls, he allows his oldest son to look at WSHH. "He knows better than to watch any crazy stuff,” explained Q. “There are worse things than WorldStar out there.”

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