Thursday, April 18, 2013

Luckenson Desrivieres, Haitian Bloods gang snitch convicted of murder

A Montgomery County Court jury Wednesday found a drug dealer guilty of murder in a trial that featured drugs, debt, a Haitian gang, and a confidential federal informant.

The jury said Luckenson Desrivieres, 25, was guilty of first-degree murder in the June stabbing death of Shamara Hill, 26, and the third-degree stabbing death of Hill's boyfriend, Marc Winchell Estiverne.

Desrivieres admitted to killing the two last June at the Norristown boardinghouse where they all stayed.

The killings happened, Desrivieres said, after he overheard his friend Estiverne, 23, talking on the phone to someone about a snitch and feared Estiverne meant him.

The defense said Estiverne belonged to the Haitian Bloods gang in Newark, N.J. Desrivieres, it emerged during the trial, was working with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to bust up the gang by wearing a wire and hidden camera while buying large amounts of crack cocaine.

The defense argued the killings were in self-defense after Estiverne attacked him. Prosecutors called them premeditated.

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