Thursday, April 18, 2013

Interview: Miesa talks new single 'Antidote' on GypsyJaunt

Rising star Miesa is celebrating the release of her new single, “Antidote.” Born in New Jersey and nurtured in music, the singer comes from a family of musicians. She says her father, who is Filipino, joined the church choir’s band to get close to her Haitian mother. From there it was a wrap and now she’s a musical beast, belting out her lyrics to life on stages across the East Coast.

Since her solo debut with popular single, “Antidote,” Miesa’s name is creating a buzz as she’s finishing up her first album.

Coming from a spiritual background in the church, the singer has made claim to her own musical territory, embracing her roots and life’s daily challenges through R&B/Pop fusion. It’s a refreshing diverse sound that brings worlds together.

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