Monday, May 31, 2010

VIDEO: Story of Haitian 1950 World Cup Hero Joe Gaetjens

Outside the Lines: A Goal, A Ghost (

Joe Gaetjens, a Haitian immigrant, scored the greatest goal in American soccer history shocking England at the 1950 World Cup. Gaetjens could not make a living from professional soccer in Haiti, so he went to New York City and became a accounting student at Columbia University. He went to Europe shortly after the 1950 World Cup and returned to Haiti a few years later. He should have been a hero. Instead, Gaetjens was abducted and died in a Haitian prison. His story, and the story of the upset victory, was until recently largely unknown in the US. "Outside the Lines" sheds light on his story.

Joseph Edouard Gaetjens (pronounced [ˈgeɪ.dʒɛnz]; born March 19, 1924, Port-au-Prince, Haiti; presumed dead July 1964, Haiti) was a Haitian soccer player who played for the United States national team in the 1950 FIFA World Cup, scoring the winning goal in the 1–0 upset of England. - Wikipedia

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