Friday, April 9, 2010

CANADA:"Haiti No Political Playground", Charest Tells PQ Leader

By Canwest News Service

QUEBEC -- Quebec Premier Jean Charest said Friday he doesn't intend to travel to Haiti and fired back at Parti Quebecois Leader Pauline Marois who is headed to the earthquake-ravaged country next week.

"Haiti is not a political playground for anyone," Mr. Charest told reporters when asked if he would follow Marois' initiative and go to the Caribbean country.

"The disaster in Haiti is one that calls for generosity and effort on behalf of all of us to help the people of Haiti. It's not a political playground," he stressed.

The PQ said federal officials have offered their support to Marois. Similar trips abroad by separatist leader have often been a source of friction with the federal government over fears they would try to secure support for sovereignty.

The Foreign Affairs Department didn't oppose Marois' visit but insisted she be accompanied by the Canadian ambassador to Haiti, Gilles Rivard, in her meetings. Marois is set to meet with Haitian President Rene Preval and Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive.

Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon told reporters in Ottawa Thursday he doesn't see any problem with Marois' visit, noting the province is home to a large Haitian diaspora.

Quebec Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Arcand announced this week he will travel to Haiti at the end of the month.

Source: NationalPost

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  1. These politicans such as Charest and Marois, use Haiti as an embelishment to their image. They full of BS...