Saturday, March 13, 2010

Venezuela Pledges $100 Million in Aid For Haiti

CARACAS – President Hugo Chavez Friday announced Venezuela would donate 100 million dollars to help Haiti rebuild itself from last month's devastating earthquake.

"We've approved $100 million for Haiti," Chavez said in a televised speech.

"It's a modest amount compared to Haiti's needs, but it is important," he added.

Chavez said the $100 million would be requested in a loan from the Andean Development Corporation, a Caracas-based regional lending institution.

Venezuela has already sent shipments of humanitarian relief aid, including food, drinking water and medical supplies to Haiti, in addition to medical staff and rescue teams.

It also donated close to eight million liters (2.1 million gallons) of gasoline and diesel fuel.

Haiti was struck by a massive 7.0-magnitude quake near its capital Port-au-Prince on January 12. It killed more than 220,000 people, left more than one million homeless and caused billions of dollars in damage.


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