Thursday, March 4, 2010

Racing for Haiti with Forza Motorsport 3

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Video game companies have a heart, too.  Publisher Microsoft and developer Turn 10 Studios have announced the release of four new content packs for Xbox 360 sim-racing exclusive Forza Motorsport 3.  Each purchase of the VIP Membership Car Pack (800 MS points) during the month of March will result in Turn 10 donating $10 to Save The Children’s Hatian relief efforts, up to a maximum donation of $100,000.

Featuring content previously available only to purchasers of new standard and Limited Collector’s Edition copies of Forza 3, the packs are available to everyone starting today.  The the VIP Membership Car Pack includes five exclusive cars, occasional bonus cars gifted by Turn 10, and “special recognition” in the social areas of the game.  Again, this Forza 3 content pack benefits Haiti, and nabs you some great stuff.  What are you waiting for?

As for the other content, two Track Packs are up for grabs at 400 Microsoft points each.  The Sidewinder Proving Grounds Track Pack, featuring an updated version of the Sidewinder Proving Grounds track from Forza 2, provides 18 courses.  The Benchmark High Speed Ring Track Pack delivers a four-mile speedway oval  built for testing and tuning your many cars.  Finally, the Motorsport Legends Car Pack (also 400 MS points) will give you the keys to 10 new cars to take out on the virtual road.

If you are a Forza Motorsport 3 player who has yet to find a way to donate to the Haitian relief effort, now is your time.  It’s great to see our industry reaching out to the larger world.  What other steps would you like to see the game industry take in providing aid to victims of disaster?  What have you personally done?

(IMPORTANT NOTE: VIP Membership is also available for FREE with an Xbox LIVE token included in new Limited Collector’s Edition copies of “Forza Motorsport 3.”)

Source: GameRant

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