Saturday, February 6, 2010

VIDEO:Cuba to Open Fifth Field Hospital in Haiti

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Port-au-Prince - The fifth Cuban field hospital in Haiti will soon be in operation after its arrival and transfer to Les Cayes, its final destination, with which efficiency in medical treatment to the population increases.

Luis Oliveros Serranos, in charge of logistics of the Cuban medical mission in that country, expressed that logic and efficiency are the main standards followed in this cooperation with the Haitian people, since resources are placed where they’re more necessary, in a balanced way.

The field hospitals (the previous ones are located in Croix des Buquet, Carrefour, Leogane and Jacmel) are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and more will continue to be opened according to the needs of the population.

The purpose of the contribution made by the countries that are members of the Bolivarian Alliance for The Americas (ALBA) is to give their support to the Haitian people in the field of health after the earthquake that devastated the nation's capital and neighboring cities.

Also in operation, besides the five field units, are five Centers for Comprehensive Diagnosis and three medical institutions (La Paz, Renaissance and Ofatma hospitals), all of them in charge of Cuban doctors, nurses and health technicians, with the support of Haitian fifth and sixth year students from Havana’s Latin American School of Medicine, and Haitian physicians graduated from this center.

There’s also primary health care, with the creation, as of Wednesday, of medical consultation posts in different localities, near people in need of these services. (acn).

Source: CubaWeb

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