Tuesday, February 2, 2010

VIDEO:American Pair Stealing Haiti Earthquake Relief Donations

[flv:http://myayiti.com/wp-media/video/pair_stealing_haiti_donations.flv 480 360]

LIBERTY, Mo. -- Surveillance video at a Liberty Culver's restaurant caught a man and woman stealing a donation can set up to raise money for Haiti earthquake relief.

The theft came around 6:15 p.m. Thursday, when the younger couple stopped by the Culver's and ordered food.

As they waited for their food, the video show the woman eying one of three donation cans on the count, clearly marked asking for donations to the Red Cross.

"They got all the food, they act like they are checking their bag, put two bags on either side, lifted up and away they go," Culver's manager Paul Clause said.

When managers noticed the missing can, they went back and checked the tape, they said they were soon shocked by the selfish act

"How low can you go that someone would not only not help, but hurt the cause of trying to help people over there it is just horrible," Clause said.

Clause said he has no doubt the pair caught stealing the donations were acting together.

"The scariest thing to me is this is not an individual that comes up with the idea and takes it, this is two people, who talk to each other and said 'Let's do this,'" Clause said.

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