Thursday, February 18, 2010

VIDEO: Gangland - Gangsta Killers (Haitian Gang in Palm Beach, Florida called Top 6)

Palm Beach County cops' battle against the local Haitian-American gang Top 6 was the subject of an episode of The History Channel's Gangland series.

The gang, most active in the Lake Worth and Boynton Beach area, attracted major law enforcement attention and media coverage after a series of high-profile attacks in late 2006 and early 2007. Those included a shooting at the Boynton Beach Mall on Christmas Eve 2006 and a triple homicide in Lake Worth in March 2007.

Authorities have attribute at least 41 shootings and 14 homicides to the Top 6 gang in recent years, according to the state attorney general's office.

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Gangland Season 5 Episode 06 'Gangsta Killers' aired Thursday, July 2, 2009, you can catch all gangland episodes on History Channel.

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