Friday, February 12, 2010

VIDEO: 'We Are The World' Remake Premieres Tonight During Olympics Opening Ceremonies

"We Are the World — 25 for Haiti" is set to premiere on Friday night (February 12) during the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Vancouver. The song features appearances by a number of artists including Janet Jackson, Justin Bieber, Jordin Sparks, Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Pink — along with some newly added artists who won't be revealed until the remake airs. But while we wait for the debut of the Haiti benefit, organized by Lionel Richie and Quincy Jones, we have a preview from the people behind the song.

"I just keep the class of the original one," producer RedOne told MTV News, explaining how "We Are the World" would differ from the club tracks he's made with artists like Lady Gaga. "But I didn't want to change any course. I didn't want to mess it up, because it's too good. I tried to keep it on the same level and tried to make it sound more now and current. I kept the whole chord progressions, the feeling and the vibe, but brought fresher sounds that are more now."

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