Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rumors:The Fugees to Reunite for Haiti?

I've been lurking on twitter! And guess what? I am seeing a bunch of "tweets" going on that suggest that the Fugees may do a benefit concert that will generate funds for the relief effort in Haiti. Now, on the real, there have been no indication that Wyclef and Lauryn are with it, but Pras is. He reportedly started this on Twitter, but I could be wrong.

People are creating the lineup for the concert, creating fake quote and everything - just to try to make this concert come to life. I'm not sure this will happen, but I certainly would be happy to see it happen. The Fugee rule.

If you are on twitter, make it a trending topic via #fugees4haiti tag

If you didn't see it, Clef went in on the various folks trying to tear down his good will. Clowns probably didn't pledge any support to Haiti, but just want to cause some drama!



Source: AllHipHop

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